Bonus Blog: Waste Management in Hawaii

Bonus Blog: Waste Management in Hawaii

This is a picture of H Power, where 1/3 of Honolulu’s trash is burned and converted to electricity for 40,000 homes. What a great solution! Except for the toxic glug, albeit small, that remains after the burning, and the questionable practice of burning plastics….Every waste solution brings new problems (the so-called Wicked Problem). Write about one of the issues you see related to waste in Hawaii. Read one or more of the articles in the Laulima folder to inform your blog. Up to 15 points extra credit.

Radiation in the Pacific Ocean

Radiation in the Pacific Ocean

This image is a simulation of cesium dispersed in the ocean. With all the scary images and warnings about radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster, how should we be evaluating what we read? How should we be thinking about this? How should we be eating?