My intuitive editing process is informed by experience in the publishing industry, a Master’s degree in Written Composition, and 20 years of experience reading and responding to college essays. My process is to listen to the voice of your work and the energy of the words, asking what the work wants to become. Thus, the process is a left-brain/right-brain method that is unique, efficient, and effective.

What are you looking for?

Manuscript Evaluation ($110/hr, 2-4 hours depending on your project)

I read any text (any length, any format) and write a 2-4 page analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations. Includes a video consultation and advising on your next steps.

Developmental Editing  $110/hour or by monthly contract ($1200/3 mo minimum)

I will read your drafts on a schedule and provide regular feedback, tangible next steps, as well as exercises and advising to get you past blocks and to the next draft.


Technical editing ($95/hour)

I do fact-checking and research that aligns your writing with works in your field. Technical editing mimics work in a particular genre, or employs specific citation formats or other specified criteria. Examples: doctoral dissertations, submissions to particular journals, screenplays.


Line editing/Proofreading  ($85/hour)

I complete in-text digital or hard copy editing for grammatical correctness, stylistic consistency, precision, and clarity. I edit in your voice.  Does not include formatting or document design.

Ghostwriting (by contract)

I interview you about your content and together we craft text that reflects your voice.